At Your Empire we don’t aim to be the biggest, we believe that attention to detail and mutual success can only come from being our best. We love seeing our landlords smile and it’s this fact that fuels us to achieve greatness in everything we do. For us it’s the little things that set us apart, which we believe can’t be done on a large scale. Business is personal and we make sure that when you work with us, you feel as though you are one of few.
We want you to become a raving fan.

Appointing an Agent
It is at this stage that we liaise with you as to what services you require. We research the current rental values surrounding your property and discuss these with you to decide on an achievable amount. Once you decide to go ahead we will organise documentation to be signed and immediately commence the marketing campaign.

Marketing Campaign
Throughout the campaign we will keep you up to date on all inspections via phone and or email while you’ll also be able to see how many people have viewed your property online. We are proactive about opening your property at planned times on the weekend, while also coordinating inspections by appointment through the week to ensure vacancy rates are kept to a minimum. To maximise interest levels we recommend professional photography while we will also utilise referral from other agents & past tenant inquiry on other properties. All our rental inquiry comes via the internet and your property will be well positioned on not only our website but also Australia’s major Real Estate portals.

Potential Tenants
Once we have received an application form we will scrutinise it via reference & credit checks. This is to ensure that you have a suitable tenant for your property and the final decision on their application is up to you. Before the tenant moves in we will ensure that a detailed entry and inclusions report is completed along with current photographs of general areas/items and a smoke alarm service according to legislative requirements.

During the Tenancy
Routine inspections are carried out a minimum of every 6 months to ensure that your property is in good condition and that the tenants are not in breach of the lease agreement in any way. You will be contacted by phone and or email with the findings along with photos of any potential issues. You will also be contacted should any repairs need to be actioned. If the rent hasn’t been increased in the last 6 months or more we will reassess the current value 2 months prior to the end of the current lease. This is to give the appropriate notice if you feel a rental increase is necessary. If the tenants fall behind in their rental payments you will be notified and the following procedure will occur.
1 day in arrears
Remind tenant by phone, SMS, email
4 days in arrears
Remind tenant by phone, SMS, email
8 days in arrears
Remind tenant by phone, SMS, email
15 days in arrears
Termination Notice issued (14 days to vacate or rectify)

End of Tenancy
Depending on the circumstances the tenant may stay on and resign, move out or you may decide to sell the property therefore leaving it vacant. Once we have received an exit report and all keys from the tenants we will arrange our own inspection to include a reference to the entry report and photographs. If there are any discrepancies we will make you aware of them and the tenant will be obliged to rectify them otherwise we will take the funds from their bond.

Other services we can engage on your behalf
Annual Smoke Alarm Compliance (protect your asset in case of fire)
Depreciation Schedules (claim as much tax back as you can)
Licensed Valuations (end of financial year asset status + capital gains tax considerations)
Landlord Insurance (protection against unforeseen circumstances)
Home Loan Reviews (we can recommend a broker to make sure you’ve got the most suitable loan)


Reporting & Statements
We provide reporting of monthly statements and income and expenditure reports which your accountant will need, we can even on your request liaise directly with your accountant for this.

One Point of Contact
As we like to keep our relationship with you on a personal level your point of contact throughout this whole process will be your property manager. We don’t want to confuse you by having several people call you on separate issues, we want you to have peace of mind knowing that someone is chasing things up for you.

Repairs & Tradespeople
We have a select group of fully licensed and insured Trades Professionals that we get to do our maintenance work. If you would like to do repairs yourself or have someone that you would prefer to use, simply let us know.

Changing Managing Agents
If you’re unhappy with your current service it’s easy to change Managing Agents even while the property is tenanted. Just let us know that you would like us to take over the management and we’ll seamlessly organise the rest. It’s that simple.